The Manager's Handbook

The Manager's Handbook

This handbook represents the best of our collective knowledge on management and serves as the foundation of our internal training program here at Clearbit.

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What’s inside

Chapter 0

Preface & Introduction

What does it mean to be a manager at Clearbit? It's not a promotion, it's a career change.

Chapter 1

Managing yourself

Take radical responsibility for your life and happiness through time management, mental health, and a commitment to grow.

Chapter 2

Hiring & onboarding

Learn how to become a world-class recruiter, from sourcing, to evaluating, to closing candidates.

Chapter 3

Coaching & feedback

Hold teammates accountable, give and receive real feedback, and run effective one-on-ones.

Chapter 4

Working as a team

Build trust through impeccable agreements, efficient meetings, and surveying employee satisfaction.

Chapter 5

Creating & achieving goals

Set clear goals, measure performance, and delegate tasks and decisions.

Chapter 6

Information sharing

Slow the rate of information decay in a scaling company through internal communication, transparency, and documentation.

Chapter 7

Conflict resolution

Address conflicts head-on by navigating the Drama Triangle, facilitating clearing conversations, and using performance improvement plans.

Chapter 8

Creating culture

Create community and team bonds (including remote) through shared values, offsites, and avoiding office gossip.

Chapter 9


Become aware of your internal state, adopt a mindset of playful curiosity, and help yourself and your team solve hard problems together.

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